Marketing Automation

Marketing automation

Marketo Partner

Align your sales & Marketing strategy

Marketing automation software is used by businesses of all types —including B2B and B2C organizations. Socialite Consulting will help assess where your marketing strategy currently stands. We will recommend the right marketing platform that works for your teams and help train them on it. In addition we’ll help craft and plan strategic messages for your target audience, and improve sales activities leveraging CRM integration. Our strategies are based on analytics and KPIs from these systems. We don't stop there and continue to A/B test and optimize further activities.

Frequently asked questions

Marketing Automation is a system that helps you automate your marketing and sales to reach more potential customers, close more sales and engage your current customers more efficiently.

There are now many Marketing Automation solutions to choose from and all vary greatly in cost. Socialite can custom tailor a solution for you and get you up and running within your budget.

Both marketing and sales teams use marketing automation. We are a Marketo Partner and can help your team setup Marketo or for smaller businesses we have other options to choose from after we assess your needs.

With Marketing automation you can better target what your customers are looking for and custom-tailor your messaging to them! By doing this, you are sending them more engaging content that they are more likely to open.

Contact Socialite for a free consultation, where we can learn about your needs and build a Marketing Automation solution for you.